Behind the four walls

This is no ordinary show. It is a show that takes place in the real environment of a house on the outskirts of Maribor, where spectators witness the simultaneous course of events around the venue – the house.

What are we hiding from the outside world and what behind the four walls?
What do we hide from each other and what from ourselves?
What is going on in the next apartment or just in the next room?
What are the sounds that wake us up in the middle of the night?
Who do we live with?
Who’s on the other side when we take off our masks and look at the devoured flesh on our faces?

Due to the unique performance of the show, the number of spectators is limited (15), so prior reservation is required at, ZS (private message on FB) or tel. no. 051 673 084 (Simon).

Meeting point at the Maribor railway station (at the locomotive). You share the transport and go to the location of the venue together (about 15 minutes drive). The show is NOT interactive.

simultaneous scenes
Directed by:
Tin Grabnar
Performed by:
Tamara Zaner, Sara Atanasković, Izidor Gavez, Timotej Kolar, Tomaž Podbevšek, Barbara Polajnar
Matej Kristovič
Kristijan Robič
30. novembra 2015
Moment and Pekarna Magdalenske mreže in cooperation with Caravan Next (Kibla)