Devised project

Time pressure, apathy, mechanisation and rigidity are some of the characteristics of our bodies and lifestyles. We are constantly intertwined with our daily routine and the occasional desire for personal contact, which we doom in advance to failure because of our nature and the web of illusory situations we live with. The greatest drawback of love is that it needs a duality.

The performance questions human relationships and speaks of the desire to constantly search for a complementary person or soul, knowing that any attempt is futile. In the space of an unknown day and an anonymous individual, we chaotically demolish the fictional world of relationships, where persons become bodies, flesh and tissue, and at the same time the target of the physical manifestation of the individual’s frustrations and powerlessness to create a complete world and find duality.

life style
personal contact
Matevž Dobaj
Mojca Cvikl, Matevž Dobaj, Primož Gerlič, Barbara Spreiz and Nina Vombergar
Technical support:
Ivan Novak and Zoran Petrovič
40 minutes
16 June 2009, Gustaf, Pekarna, Maribor