A dialogue between a dancer and electronics, inspired by the entropy of closed and open systems. Entropy is related to randomness, the absence of information. In living things, this primordial information is DNA, which controls entropy and prevents decay. Modern flamenco is based on an ordered structure that relies heavily on rhythm, and the tool in this performance is a secondary mouth, which the dancer receives when an electronic device produces sounds that extend the dancer’s body into space through the voltage generated by the dancer’s strokes. Dancer and choreographer Mitja Obed is one of Spain’s most famous flamenco artists. In Entropy, he extends his long-standing collaboration with Fernando Leria Jiménez, a double bass player and musician of all ages from Madrid, into a dancer’s intervention that is not only about movement but also about sound.

contemporary dance

Past performances

28. august 2023 / Intimate stage GT22
Choreography and dance:

Mitja Obed

Author and musician:

Fernando Leria Jiménez


Fernando Leria Jiménez

Costum design:

Kiss the Future


Drago Videmšek


Mitja Obed


Društvo Predmestje

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia