Eye-Net: Some Like it Fake

We live in an information age. Information is the new gold. And whoever controls the information is holding gold in his hands. Research on human thinking and behavior shows us that we humans are not as rational as we imagine, and technological development has pushed the technological megaphone into our hands.

When do the news become fake? Who even wants them? Why do we hate the sin but love the sinners? Why is there no market for fake news about fruit and vegetables?

The devised performance offers a package of information wrapped in a theatrical envelope with reflection on the media, reporting and manipulation. The audience has to separate the truth from the fake.

The show is part of a wider European EYE-Net project.

fake news
fake news
information age

Past performances

14. november 2021 / Intimate stage GT22
14. january 2022 / Intimate stage GT22
15. january 2022 / Intimate stage GT22
07. april 2022 / Gymnasium Laza Kostić, Novi Sad, Srbia
08. april 2022 / SKC Novi Sad, Srbia
20. may 2022 / 2nd Gymnasium of Amarousion, Atene, Greece
02. july 2022 / Contemporary City Festival Audra, Kaunas
12. july 2022 / Teatro alla Misericordia, Sansepolcro
28. july 2022 / Gornjem Grad, Non-fstival gledališča zateranih
06. august 2022 / Floating castle, Snežnik castle
05. september 2022 / National Theatre, Prague
07. september 2022 / Divadlo v Dlouhé, Prague
13. september 2022 / Schloss Trebnitz, Berlin
15. september 2022 / Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin
13. october 2022 / Narodni dom Maribor, ZIZ festival
Authors and performers

Leonardo Erjavec, Davorin Juhart, Muhamed Kulauzovič, David Marn, Jan Franc Podbrežnik, Nina Slanič, Katja Uršula Simonič, Sarah Ženko, Patricia Županovič


Barbara Polajnar

Technical support:

Janez Šali


Gregor Salobir


14. 11. 2021, Intimate Stage GT22


Moment Maribor and MKC Maribor

Financial Support:

Program Europe for Citizens, Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti, Mesnta občina Maribor


ZPM Maribor