Free Standing

Which one of us is independent? Who can stand alone? Walk alone. Sit alone. Dance alone. Is alone. Without the other, without the others… Who am I in a relationship with, whether I want it or not? Who am I involved with, whether I’m aware of it or not? The creators of ’Free standing’ wonder about the different dimensions of relationships that we establish with one another. Who is influencing on us all? Who are we influenced by? And what is the significance of all this? Lots of very importing questions. In a world that is increasingly intertwined and interdependent there is no turning back and no escape from multiple entanglements. Being is about being in a relationship.


In conversation
Authors and performers:
Kaja Lin J. Avguštin, Kany Michel Obenga, Joseph Nzobandora - Jose, Maša Kagao Knez
Joseph Nzobandora - Jose
Light design:
Danilo Pečar
Costume design:
Katja Somrak, Dominika Zver
Promotional photographs:
Anka Simončič
Photographs from the show:
Boštjan Lah
Studio 25
Pan-Adria network (Zavod EN-KNAP, Hrvaški kulturni dom na Sušaku, Moment, SNG Nova Gorica and Zagrebački plesni centar)
9. Januar 2020, Culture Centre Španski borci, Ljubljana
Maribor Puppet Theatre
Financial Support:
Mestna občina Maribor, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS