The Goat Verdict

The old custom of Slovenes in neighborly relations is that for every little fight, they seek justice and satisfaction in court. As in the case of the Goat verdict, about which three colleagues read in a newspaper article. Each of them had their own opinion on the verdict. They a quarrel with each other and look for reasons for his guilt or innocence. Only after a thorough review of all the nonsense they think it through, talk and agree on a solution to the problem.

Kozlovska sodba is an author’s project based on the story of Josip Jurčič, and is the first performance of Zvitorepč’s puppet para-theater, which employs the disabled in the field of culture.

for children
neighbour relationships
Directed by:
Zoran Petrovič
Borut Žvorc, Milanka Mladenović, Neva Toplak, Milena Šmintić, Zoran Petrovič
Visual image:
Metka Golec (v sodevanju z ekipo)
Puppets and set design:
Borut Žvorc, Milanka Mladenović, Neva Toplak, Jožica Žvikart, Bojan Petek, Amor Valentan, Jasna Peršuh, Zoran Petrovič, Miodrag Petrovič
Gregor Salobir
45 minut
Zavod Razvoj Maribor