Good Company

Miha Bezeljak loves art. Through various performance forms, he questions his artistic expression with self-irony and trivialisation of the reasons for the necessity of the existence of art and its impact on society. How can the artist’s personal problems and views, with no room for dialogue, become stage symbols that nevertheless speak? How do these symbols communicate with each other? What do they communicate? Miha explores whether it is possible to establish a dialogue with the audience through one-way hermetic communication.

“I made the decision I made. Now it is what it is… You have to stand by your decisions. If you decided to go up, you have to go down first. And vice versa, you have to go up first before you can go down.”

“We are all museum inventory. We are not only art, we breathe art. And breathing is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is a give-and-take process. It’s about supply and demand. So we can say that breathing is the propaganda of capitalism.”

“We have to recognise the problem and realise that the problem is also the potential.”

“We need to go back to nature, to love …”

“And then my master showed me James Thiérrée and I fell in love. Well, as much as one can fall in love through a YouTube video.”

Past performances

22. march 2024 / Intimate stage GT22
23. march 2024 / Intimate stage GT22
30. march 2024 / Intimate stage GT22
05. april 2024 / Intimate stage GT22
Author and performer:

Miha Bezeljak

External eye and grounding:

Barbara Jamšek

Costume designer:

Katarina Šavs

Designer of light and synaptic connections:

Andrej Firm


22. 3. 2024, Intimate stage GT22




60 min


Maribor Puppet Theatre

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and the Municipality of Maribor