Happiness Hunters

What is happiness? Where can I find it? Who will I look for it with? What am I afraid of? What am I ashamed of? What’s getting on my nerves? What makes me happy? What satisfies me? What turns me on? Who are my friends? Do you prefer a beer or a spritzer? Why do you eat meat? Why don’t you grow your own vegetables? How do you see me? Why don’t I accept myself as I am? What bothers me? What would I change? Why don’t you leave me alone? How long do I have to practice smiling to be convincing? Do I need a friend? How would I change the social order? How would I change the world? Why would I change it at all? Why don’t I have a house with a garden? Why are porn movies on TV even during Sunday lunch? Who are my friends? Who is a true friend? Am I? Do you really only meet a real friend in an emergency? If you really knew me, if you knew all my secrets, would you still be my friend? Would you accept me as I am? Would I love you? Do you need a hug?

The team takes hunting seriously, relentlessly, wittily, honestly, combatively, eclectically, precisely, cheekily, boldly, bizarrely, and most of all, personally. All this in order to bring everyone together at least a little closer to what many magazines, books, blogs and advertisements call the meaning of life.

the pursuit of happiness

In conversation

Zoran Petrovič
Uroš Kaurin
Scene and costume designer:
Ajda Primožič
Maruša Majer, Zala Ana Štiglic and Rok Kravanja
Pija Bodlaj
Light designer and show supervisor:
Janko Oven
8 May 2015, BiTeater, Ljubljana
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and Moment