Hero 1.0

In a country without hope, two heroes rose up. They are young, brave and fearless.

No one expected them. No one expected the salvation would be so simple, so sudden, so unusual. Until that moment, we didn’t know that we were waiting right for them. No one expected they will bring a solution, sense, happy end.

Uroš and Vito reflect typical position of a young man, the creator, who is faced with the fact that he is useless to society. However, Vito and Uroš are heroes and are willing to sacrifice everything, their mind, their body, their time, their career, their sexual identity and even their theatrical integrity – in order to prove that is right.

During boyish naiveté and fitness ambition they are proving to us with every breath that we need them and that heroes are not technological surplus, although it appears at first glance that the circumstances in which they could prove themselves don’t exist.

hero on call
Hero project
Uroš Kaurin
Vito Weis
Vito Weis


Idea, concept, text, almost direction:

Uroš Kaurin, Vito Weis

More than dramaturg:

Katarina Stegnar

Hero theme song, Hero ringtone, Hero song in ostalo:

Lea Čehovin

Video and dramatic disorder:

Boris Bezić

Visual image design:


Hero 1.0 remix:


Sound design:

Marijan Sajovic

Lighting design:

David Cvelbar


Miroslav Ničić

Video edit:

Jan Lovše


Branko Drekonja


Yuri Pietro Baron, Nataša Zamida, Jaša Lategano, Tilen Marolt

Choreography assistant:

Gregor Luštek


Toni Soprano Meneglejte


10 September 2014, Mladinsko Theatre


Mladinsko Theatre and Moment Maribor


60 minut