Hero 3.0 – More Than Words

Who and what become the Heroes, when they drive themselves beyond words?

We know that they are white, hetero-sexual, cis-gender, middle-class, family men. One is married and the other one has a real estate. The audience is absolutely convinced that they are best friends also privately, not only on stage, but Vito and Uroš don’t barbecue together, they don’t go on holidays with their families together, they don’t share a boat, they don’t play basketball together, they don’t listen to the same music, O.K., once a year a family picnic or lunch … and that’s it. And still there’s something there between them, they don’t dare to acknowledge. At least not aloud. That’s why they decided to end the dictate of words. They simply can’t have it anymore. Words became unnecessary and intrusive. Only on stage and in front of witnesses are they willing to cut into the unspeakable. With the excuse that the stage can bare anything, because nothing is true and all is fake. Though the question remains, how much of this can the audience still take and not lose fantasies of an ideal partnership, because if the audience knew how much Vito and Uroš love each other they would never watch any other show with the same eyes.

Hero project
without words

Past performances

26. november 2019 / Amphitheatre of II. gimnazije Maribor
28. november 2019 / Desirée Central Station, Subotica
05. december 2019 / PTL - Plesni teater Ljubljana
06. december 2019 / PTL - Plesni teater Ljubljana
20. december 2019 / PTL - Plesni teater Ljubljana
23. december 2019 / Amphitheatre of II. gimnazije Maribor
01. february 2020 / Amphitheatre of II. gimnazije Maribor
Authors and performers:

Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis


Katarina Stegnar


Boris Bezić


Lea Čehovin and Ilj Pušnik

Visual image:

Toni Soprano Meneglejte

Light designer/light technician:

Gašper Bohinec


Saša Huzjak


80 minutes


26 November 2019, Amphitheatre of the II. gimnazija Maribor Secondary School


Moment Maribor


PTL, II. gimnazija Maribor Secondary School, Bunker, Desirée Central Station


the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City Municipality of Maribor