House number 6

Puppet miniature House Number 6 talks about sadness and joy, old and new, children and adults, and everything in between. We find ourselves in a crumbling city full of grief. People do not associate with anyone, they lock themselves in their houses, in their heads and in their thoughts. To get rid of this inconvenience, their mayor decides to renovate the city. When it shines in new colors, everything should be different. And it really seems so – after many complications, the builders manage to completely rebuild the city. Everything shines in a modern glow. But people, they are still sad.

Our attention is caught by House number 6, whose only inhabitant is a white cat. This house was overlooked by the builders. Luckily. Maybe there is still hope for her and for the city … A soccer ball is rolling in front of her front door, and children are jumping behind it. They enter the house and the adventure begins. They explore, discover, marvel, correct, beautify, paint, nail, and polish. Plants appear on the window sills, the house is full of drawings, candles are burning in front of the threshold. The children breathe life into the old house. When confused citizens feel the joy that has secretly crept among them, at first they cannot believe their eyes. They find that the warmth is actually coming from within.

joy and sorrow
miniature show
old and new
white kitty
Author and performer:
Tin Grabnar
21 June 2012, Živa dvorišča