I Don’t Judge

Devised project

I don’t judge * because I don’t believe * because I’m an alien * because I have no experience * because I don’t have purple hair * because I’m sad * because I’m too young * because I’m too rough * because I’m dead * because I’m a foreigner * because it’s cold * because I’m God * Even if beat me up! * I don’t know where I belong *

He doesn’t know where he belongs, to whom he belongs. He adapts to others and especially to himself. I put a new suit on him with a red tie. I wash his hair. He’s like me. I’m just like him. I want to change the world to change myself.

changing the world
Coreographers and performers:
Matevž Dobaj in Ajda Tomazin
Iztok Drabnik
Costume design:
Ajda Tomazin
Goran Ivašić
4 November, Narodni dom Maribor
Moment and KD Qulenium Kranj