Making Medea

Where did we come from?
What did we leave behind?
Where are we going?

The starting point of the play is Heiner Müller’s text The Devastated Coast / Medea material / Landscape with Argonauts. It is the ruins of cities, the landscape of corpses and the wreckage of politics, the inevitability of repetition in the ever catastrophic aspect of Time, History, Man, the opacity of quotations, associations, images and stories, the image of the primordial and modern world and every world, a monumental text, which is, however, a framework for the stories of two people, two lovers, traitors, avengers, (self-)destroyers. Making Medea is a search for one’s own identity, poetics, politics, a search for self-affirmation, a search for the meaning and value of what one does.

Heiner Müller
where are we going
where did we get to
Author, director, coreographer, costume, scene and light designer and performer:
Uroš Kaurin
Co-author, co-director, co-coreographer and performer:
Nataša Živković
Maruša Majer
Flota, Murska Sobota, Flota Ljubljana, PTL and Moment