Me, the Legend

Devised project

At first, there was nothing. But right there, almost indefinitely years ago, something was resting. It was preparing for a very special event. Something big. Something exciting. The creation of the world. Actually the re-creation, as the previous version was not the most successful. To be a little more precise, all 12 previous versions weren’t the best. But it will be better this time. It will be completely different this time. First-class ingredients will be used in just the right amounts and in an ideal ratio. This is followed by the creation of a man who will be a perfect being. He will be sent with the best and the most beautiful. He will get a head and, unlike previous completely missed versions, he will be able to use it to his advantage. It will not be just a decoration. It will not be dedicated solely to nutritional needs. Can not. Must not! Because if not … Because if not !!!

creation of the world
special event

Awards and festivals

  • award for original use of theatrical conventions at the Biennial of Puppet Artists of Slovenia festival, Maribor, 2013
Author and director:
Zoran Petrovič
Barbara Jamšek, Nina Šulin in Andrej Vršič
Visual image:
Nina Šulin
Andrej Hrvatin
Lighting design:
Miljenko Knezoci
40 minut
24 May 2013
Moment in cooperation with DAMU Academy Prague and Maribor Puppet Theatre