Oh my, Kekec, Storm is Coming!

The performance is an adaptation of Kekec’s first adventure, which Josip Vandot described in the book Kekec on the Hard Path. Before Kekec fooled the loner herbalist Pehta and the poacher Bedanec, he and his older half-sister got lost. Instead of arriving to the Third Valley, they met two mythological creatures — the mountain fairy Škrlatica, and to the wild man Prisank. The latter threatened Kekec that he will be forced to shepherd wild goats for the rest of his life.

It is the only Kekec’s tale that we are not yet familiar with it from film. It juxtaposes kindness and selfishness, which makes it even more topical for this day and age than for it was written. The performance, which should delight children and adults alike, contains original songs in a somewhat modernised Kekec fashion.

for children
Kekec on the Hard Path
Directed by:
Andrej Rozman Roza
Visual image:
Barbara Bulatović
Nino de Gleria
Lighting design:
Anže Kreč
Andrej Rozman Roza in Barbara Bulatović
Nada Žgank
Rozinteater 2017
30 minutes
Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia