Plastic Heroes

Plastic Heroes is a hit show by animator, author and director Ariel Doron, who has toured in more than 20 countries at numerous international festivals. The show is performed entirely with the help of ‘ready made’ objects – children’s figurines and toys, smartphones, tablets and combined with video. The play follows a turn in which violence, sex, hatred, lust and fear turn from innocent childish play into a bloody reality. The plastic heroes are marked by a surprising, fun and fast-paced collage of war images. In doing so, he encounters difficult and painful content, but at the same time offers the audience a witty, wild and fresh theatrical experience.

“War is about to begin, now is the time to become heroes.
But the soldiers are plastic, the battlefield a table
and home is just a distant image on a screen.
In a combat with no clear enemy or goal,
the border between reality and fantasy blurs:
is this really happening, or is it all just a game?”

Ariel Doron
object theatre


Concept and direction:
Ariel Doron