SHOUT: A void

An original performance by the REAKTOR collective

The performance is a response to a time of rapidly evolving individualism, where there is still no clear answer to the question of what it actually means to be an individual. Establishing and breaking down personal boundaries is becoming an indispensable skill, autonomy is presented as the highest value, and yet we are trapped in the historical consequences of the stereotyping of gender roles, which are further propagated in a paradoxical world of political hyper-correctness and new-age activism. Through original scenes, the creators reflect on their position in society and test the boundaries between their own beliefs and learned patterns, question gender dynamics, expose sexual violence among their peers, talk about their own fears, distresses, anger and injustice, feelings of guilt and the search for excuses that we all know, but dare not talk about. The performance is a generational gesture to address the gaps in communication, to expose the silenced empty spaces on the topic of sexuality and sexual abuse. How to fight, without violence, against the repression of implicitness, apathy and ideological consumerism? How to ask questions in such a way that they do not get answers that have been heard a hundred times before? A young generation of theatre-makers is searching for the void in social consensus that make it seem that nowadays nudity is easier than vulnerability.

Past performances

29. september 2023 / Intimate stage GT22
30. september 2023 / Intimate stage GT22
Authors of the performance:

Jure Žavbi, Katja Markič, Kaja Petrovič, Julita Kropec, Aljoša Živadinov Zupančič


Jure Žavbi, Kaja Petrovič, Julita Kropec


Katja Markič

Sound design:

Aljoša Živadinov Zupančič, Ana Jerina

Lighting design:

Tin Matuš

Costume and poster design:

Claudi Sovrè


Gregor Luštek



ZIZ Association, KUD Transformator




Moment, MKC Maribor

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Maribor and the Solidarity Unit.

Opening night:

29 September 2023, Intimate Stage GT22, Maribor