So to speak: Noli me tangere

Draga Potočnjak: NOLI ME TANGERE Performed by: Draga Potočnjak and Klemen Kovačič Can we distinguish between the artist and the work of art? And if we can – how to do it? Klemen Kovačič, in the theatrical essay Noli me tangere by the author and co-actor Draga Potočnjak, is half-really confronted with this task, but in fact only to confront himself and Draga with something more fundamental – why do we only ask these questions when the artist is burdened with the baggage of controversial political and personal views, and inappropriate or even criminal actions? Handke, Riefenstahl, Rupnik? We often feel embarrassed by these stories, so we treat them with kid gloves, but Draga and Klemen take them off in their essay and tackle the matter with depth and ruthlessness.   Takorekoč (So to speak) – the cycle of theatre essays was finally performed in its entirety in the 2021/2022 season, amidst all the epidemic complications and delays, and in April this year the first two essays of the new cycle were already performed. If we didn’t know exactly where we were going when we were planning it, we absolutely know where we are now. Takorekoč (So to speak) developed into an extremely interesting platform for exploring theatrical practices somewhere on the border between theatre, theory and literature.

essay staging

Past performances

19. may 2023 / Nova pošta, Ljubljana
25. may 2023 / Intimate stage GT22

Draga Potočnjak and Klemen Kovačič
45 minutes
Mija Kramar, dr. Bojana Kunst, dr. Gregor Moder, Draga Potočnjak, Marko Radmilovič
Boštjan Narat
Jernej Potočan
Technical manager of the performance:
Sven Horvat
Stage manager:
Demian Pinterič
The New Post Office (Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana) and Moment Maribor

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the City Municipality of Maribor.