Devised project about a mobster and the father of a surprisingly ordinary girl from Portugal. Devised project on the border between drama and performance, puppets and objects, macro and micro theater … Devised project for adults and youth.

In Switzerland, people mourn differently. There, a party is held for the deceased in honor of his life and the fact that he has completed his mission in this world. I was born in Switzerland because my father smuggled cars from there and sold them at double the price in Portugal. He was a first-rate mobster, maybe even a mob boss. I like to imagine he was, but the kind who helped old ladies across the street. He had more lives than a cat. He survived a motorcycle accident, was nearly crushed by a public bus, contracted meningitis and pneumonia at the same time, contracted hepatitis, was addicted to heroin seven times, survived throat cancer, had a right eye transplant for which I’m not entirely sure that it was not from an animal. He was Don Juan of Greek stature, everyone loved him and the world offered himself to him. I remember he was always kind to his mom. He was called a night monster because he had a habit of robbing a refrigerator in the middle of the night. He is still alive in Portugal because they didn’t know how to edit his papers, he died on Facebook years before his death because he forgot his password. He was 57 years old. What was the cause of death is still unknown today and it is time to put an end to it!

The play is the collective work of the group and is part of a wider two-year project Unplugged.

family stories
original project
Mafalda Lopes
Zoran Petrovič
Marek Turošík
Set designers, co-authors of visual image and technical support:
Monika Pocrnjić and Andrej Firm
Andrej Firm
29 December 2017, Intimate Stage GT22, Maribor
Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City Municipality of Maribor