StudenTeatre: Nothing new

The play Caligula by Albert Camus served as inspiration for creating the devised project Nothing New. We can say with certainty that Caligula is found in each of us, for it is difficult to maintain virtue and a morally harmonized internal code in times of universal egoistic domination. At the same time, we are also defined by other people, past events and actions taken, which can lead to a possible manifestation of Caligula’s views. After all, it all depends on the individual, how he will react to it and live on.

The daily life of five students is outlined. Some have been friends for a few years, others have just met – the thing they all have in common is learning how to live in a community. Over time, various relationships are established between them, where the key change in their daily lives is the disappearance of one of their roommates. The destructiveness sown after his return is passed on to the other roommates. Gradually, he begins to destroy the inner harmony of coexistence, leading to the revival of repressed memories, silenced words, and unsettled endings. How will they end? Will they be the same? Will they be different? Will they be happy or unhappy? After all…

“Anything new?”
“Still nothing.”

Albert Camus
Directed by:
Performed by:
Ajda Godec – Ajda/Kaligula, Kim Godec – Kim/Kaligula, Žiga Hren – Žiga/Kaligula, Luka Kuhta – Luka/Kaligula, Eneja Urnaut – Eneja/Kaligula
19 Januar 2018, Intimate Stage GT22, Maribor
Financial Support:
JSKD Republike Slovenije in GT22 v okviru projekta