StudenTheatre: The more there is of us, the sooner this game ends?

How to act as a group? How can we support each other if we are different? Can our diversity be a stepping stone or is it an obstacle? Can we create anything together at all?

There are four of us. The first one knows the rules of the game, knows that it is not fair, but has to play it to the end. The other does not know what (s)he is doing, what (s)he wants, what (s)he is dealing with. All the third person wants is to transgress and live in the moment. The fourth is here watching, posing like a puppy and waiting for change.

As a group of four, we function in complementarity, each bringing their own world to the stage and complementing the other.


Past performances

10. june 2021 / Skladovnica, Ljubljana
20. june 2021 / Intimni oder GT22
20. june 2021 / Intimni oder GT22
07. september 2021 / Intimni oder GT22
21. october 2021 / Intimni oder GT22
Authors and performers:

Petja Golec Horvat, Katarina Kolar, Gašper Marčič in Lara Vihernik Pilko


Barbara Kukovec

Sound design/looper:

Petja Golec Horvat

Light design, costume design and technical guidance:


Technical direction:

Maja Šnuderl

Technical assistance:

Andrej Firm


Gregor Salobir

Executive producer:

Zoran Petrovič


10. June 2021, Skladovnica, Ljubljana


Moment Maribor