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They say theatre finds you, it’s powerful, it’s exciting, it promotes creativity. Theatre does not exclude anyone, we are all equal and connected. It’s about going with the flow of creativity, enjoying and forgetting all your worries. Through the process of life, you get to know every part of your body. Past, present, future, here, now and somewhere in between? Isn’t it all a cycle, like a carousel that goes around and around. At some point it stops. It doesn’t spin at the same speed as it did before. It is this merry-go-round in the process of creation that has been trying to start again and again every month. It took four months and 10 days to get it to spin on its axis. That is all a process of life. But life has different feelings, especially those that leave a strong positive mark on our hearts. And these feelings have periods. And how could we bring that period into the here and now? By creating this period together, even if an ingredient is missing. It is the same with apple strudel – even if the raisins are missing, it is still apple strudel. And when we don’t know how to make apple strudel, you are there to help. So sometimes it is just necessary that we are all one, that you and I are one here and now, and that we enter into the merry-go-round of the process.


Past performances

10. march 2023 / Intimate stage GT22
11. march 2023 / Intimate stage GT22
Author and performer:

Ana Ropic


Petja Labović


20-35 min



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