StudenTheatre: Congress of witches

The word rape. Is rape necessarily a sexual act without consent or something more/less? We were wondering about rape. Have I ever been raped? How is it (not) understood?
Rape as something that is not in line with the essential characteristics of something, and rape as force; both physical and ideologically reinforced, in short, a stronger, majority pressure,
… whatever
And resistance against it. !RESISTANCE! Resistance against force. Such resistance is a basic right, and justice is “the only lighthouse to guide the broken ship of humanity from the raging waves of violence, injustice and despair” – Srečko Kosovel.
But where is justice in such a society, a community? A society whose defence mechanism is to eliminate raped individuals as quickly as possible. When a victim speaks up, they are sent to the stakes. And then the witches start dancing. They dance, and even though the fires of hell are already within them, they do not give up and dance until they burn. And in fact, they knew all along that everything would happen in that order.


Awards and festivals

  • ZIZ award for the best performance, Maribor, Slovenia, 2022
  • ZIZ award for collective acting, Maribor, Slovenia, 2022

Authors and performers: Maja Ferlič, Marko Rafolt, Katarina Kolar, Jerica Smrečnik, Katja Kores, Mateja Fištravec, Petja Golec Horvat Mentors: Petja Labović, Luka Ostrež Production: Moment Maribor, JSKD Support: JSKD, Municipality of Maribor Premiere: 8. 4. 2022, Intimate stage GT22