StudenTheatre: Radio Ratatata

Radio Ratatata is the story of the eponymous radio station trapped in a timeless world where all that matters is to be on air. Broadcasts, segments, interviews, adverts and a frenzied, hallucinogenic, nightmarish, meta night programme. All just to drown out the actual surrounding sounds. Who listens to them and how many listen to them? Those who can’t sleep, those who are running away. They are running away to Neverland. The sadly indescribable number of those who long for that destination.

Extract from the text:
“Can you hear me? Funny I should say that in the theatre. We are waiting to see, to feel,… but are we listening? I am a sleepless child. Some of us don’t sleep because bombs are dropping, others of us don’t sleep because we’re having nightmares due to bombs dropping. They should stop dropping already! …Change the frequency of your thoughts. Let’s go burn some hertz. Give me a hubbub to drown out all the noises around me. If not that, at least tell me a fairy tale.”

– Little white dove of peace, Prologue, Radio Ratatata


Past performances

09. march 2024 / Skladovnica, Ljubljana
10. march 2024 / Intimate stage GT22
15. april 2024 / Intimate stage GT22

Doroteja Drevenšek, Lena Hebar, Muhamed Kulauzović, Izidor Rijavec, Nataša Sernc
and Varja Golec Horvat


Simona Bobnar Radenković

Text and direction:

Petja Golec Horvat


90 min


Minca Lorenci, Luka Ostrež