From an idea of: Giovanni Leonarduzzi and Lia Claudia Latini

Our work, starting from the “Speech of Aristophanes” contained in Plato’s Symposium, is a journey within the couple relationship and within ourselves and our awareness, aimed at the conscious search for our identity.

The tension at the physical reunion of two bodies now divided in a perennial desire for reunification, a desire that animates and moves the bodies as a relationship, be it emotional or otherwise, always presupposes a movement, an exchange, a move towards the other and at the same time a return, always in search of ourselves and of what is other than us.
And when love, as a direct and profound emanation of our uniqueness, and therefore of our individuality and indivisibility, collides with the fear of loss, and therefore with the fragility of our existence, that’s where we look at the feeling of love. with absolute purity and truth, understanding how the uniqueness of our individual being is inextricably linked to the uniqueness of the other.
In this case, the attempt at reunion, the tension towards completeness, the relationship that is never completely satisfied, since it is impossible to go back to being a “single body”, is brought back into the couple relationship trying to carry out an analysis and a transposition on the couple and on the various dynamics that develop within it.


Past performances

17. august 2022 / ZPC, Zagreb, Croatia
04. october 2022 / KD Gorizia, Italy
08. october 2022 / II. gimnazija Maribor
02. february 2023 / SNG Nova Gorica
04. february 2023 / Španski borci, Ljubljana

Giovanni Leonarduzzi and Lia Claudia Latini


Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Lia Claudia Latini


Claudio Cadario

Light designer:

Stefano Mazzanti

Assistant light designer:

Chiara Calfa


Francisco Santacruz Montes, Brendan Visscher Canarie

Costume design:

Lia Claudia Latini


Enzo Mologni

Music processing:

Maurizio Cecatto


Claudio Cadario


50 min

A production in the frame of the PAN-ADRIA project: EN-KNAP Productions (ŠpanskiBorci Cultural Center) from Ljubljana, Slovene National Theatre from Nova Gorica, Moment from Maribor, Croatian Cultural Center from Rijeka, The Zagreb Youth Theater (Zagreb Dance Center) from Zagreb, Mediterranean Dance Center from San Vincenti and ArtistiAssociati from Gorizia


Festival Hangartfest, Pesaro (Italy)

Support for creation:

Artefici. Residenze Creative FVG

With the support of:

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia within the platform Neodvisni, City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture, City of Maribor – Department of Culture, City of Nova Gorica – Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb- City Office for Culture, International Relations and Civil Society, Region of Istria, Ministry of Culture of the Italian Republic, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, GO! 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia European capital of culture, City of Gorizia, Fondazione CaRiGo