Technology of Love

The impulse sweeps over the body. The robot starts up. Silent eyes seek life. Trapped in repetition, he tries to cross the line of the possible. A return to the light seems unattainable, but possible. The electrical web of the body is filled with sensations, revived. A smile fades as he wavers into the unknown … The creature craves gentle closeness and magic. A touch of two ideas. In the longing for beauty, a bond blossoms between them. He is pierced by a sense of perfection. I live in the heart of a moment that seems endless. I’m staying.

On stage, the story of a robot that returns to life unfolds in magic. With perseverance he defies the established and surrenders himself to light with dreamy ease. He avoids the intended and finds closeness in beauty. Dreams and reality intertwine in an unexpected atmosphere of self-discovery.

crossing the lines
Author, director and performer:
Tin Grabnar
14 November 2009, Narodni dom Maribor