The Traveler

What to do with the different? What to do with those who think differently? What to do with those who we resent? What to do with those we don’t like? They must answer. They must pay. They must be uprooted. They are different and that is dangerous. A single degenerate seed is already a threat. It can germinate, grow and strangle our social system, the fruits of which we enjoy. They must be strangled. They must be broken. Let them be an example. Let it be known who rules here.

The Traveler is a performance that openly addresses violence, though it does not show it through physical action, but through dialogues and associations. It highlights the problems of humanity and the individual. It aims to show what a man with power and domination over dissenters is capable of. The performance condemns violence regardless of its purpose and is socially and politically critical. It is current and deliberately undefined. Political motives, exploitation, the violation of human rights and dignity, the interests of individuals under the guise of the socially useful – these are problems that affect all societies of our time.

human rights

Awards and festivals

  • award for the best male role to Rok Kravanja at the Linhart Festival, Postojna 2009
Harold Pinter
Directed by:
Zoran Petrovič
Rok Kravanja, Nataša Šišernik, Andrej Vršič in Tin Grabnar
Nina Mom
Costume design:
Jenny Štumberger
Technical support:
Sabina Bračič
60 minutes
5 June 2009, Prvi oder Prve gimnazije Maribor