To the Moon

It’s the performance based on the motives of Miki Muster comics, for children and adults. It is the puppet – fiction performance.

In his room, the fan and collector of Muster comics reads about the adventures of Zvitorepec, Lakotnik and Trdonja. Before his eyes, old heroes come to life, and together they travel to the Moon!

The project explores memory and the importance of the work of the Slovenian and Yugoslav pop-cultural history and legacy. In the world of silence – to the moon with Zvitorepec, Lakotnik and Trdonja is an independent performance, but also the beginning of the series on scenography platform, Archive memory.

analog technology
for children
Miki Muster
stop motion animation

Awards and festivals

  • Summer Puppet Pier Festival, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Slovenia, 2020
  • A Puppet Snail, SNG Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2018
  • K-SEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia, 2018
  • A Fairytale House, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2018
  • Summer Puppet Pier Festival, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Slovenia, 2017
  • International Puppet Festival CiklCakl, St. Michael ob Bleiburg, Austria, 2017


Past performances

23. may 2018 / Intimate stage GT22
05. june 2018 / KSEVT, Vitanje
05. june 2018 / KSEVT, Vitanje
06. june 2018 / KSEVT, Vitanje
30. october 2018 / Intimate stage GT22
17. december 2018 / Kamnik, Kamnik
14. february 2020 / Intimate stage GT22
15. february 2020 / Intimni oder GT22
19. august 2020 / Velika dvorana, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
16. october 2021 / Intimate stage GT22

Miha Bezeljak

Director and dramaturge:

Nika Bezeljak

Scenographer and light designer :

Andrej Firm

Sound Designer:

Dino Čurić


Andrej Firm and Gregor Salobir

Duration :

45 minutes




GT22, Zavod Razvoj


28. December 2016, Intimate stage GT22


The City Municipality of Maribor