Together is a dance performance for six dancers, which, cultivating an abstract mode of work, has fun producing moving images. The production of meaning is left to the viewer’s eye, while the music, scenography and costumes create polyphonic symbolic potentials. In the research of choreographic settings, we started from choral games as a premise of togetherness on the stage, while in the assembly of materials we mostly use fusions, emphasizing the kaleidoscopic nature of events on the stage.

The starting point of the composition and sound in the performance is the “field recording” of the beehive, which opens the spaces with digital manipulation and creates rhythmic pulsations, merging with the atonal vocalisms of the dancers.

With minimalist scenography, sharp and clean lines and the usage of material that is not intended for function, the viewer’s gaze is directed to what we want him to perceive. Perception is closely related to light, performers and music. The reflective surface in interaction with the light opens up perspectives that are correlated with the music and form a landscape where the performer herself has a space for the passage of time.

While looking, we see (horizons melting, ports in the distance disappearing).,how much we did yesterday; corner of the eye (the angle of you) and thee.
When we sing, you don’t recognize us.
When we speak, you don’t recognize us.
You are vibrating.
While building, we position (hand in hand, harbor in harbor, foot, reflections of you), body by body. webuildWhilewecanWhileweknow
It Only looks that way.
We are Only together.
There is no One else.

Predstava je bila izbrana na javnem razpisu koprodukcijske regionalne mreže Pan-Adria.

dance performance
there is no one else

Awards and festivals

Award for the best choreography by professional association for dance artists in 2020.


Past performances

24. october 2020 / Kulturni dom Gorica, VISAVÌ festival
22. october 2020 / Zagreba Dance Center
21. may 2021 / Zagreba Dance Center
21. may 2021 / Zagreba Dance Center
30. june 2021 / Španski borci Ljubljana
01. july 2021 / Port of Dance Festival, Rijeka, Croatia
12. july 2021 / Slovenian Nationa Theatre Nova Gorica
25. july 2021 / Dance & non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti, Croatia
04. september 2021 / Platforma sodobnega plesa, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor

Petra HrašĆanec

In colaboraton with dancers:

Tesa Ljubić, Lara Frgačić, Ariana Prpić, Viktoria Bubalo, Ema Crnić, Una Štalcar Furač, Tea Maršanić (zamenjava) Tesa Ljubić, Lara Frgačić, Ariana Prpić, Viktoria Bubalo, Ema Crnić, Una Štalcar Furač, Tea Maršanić (stand in)


Alen in Nenad Sinkauz

Costume and set design:

Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

Light design:

Marino Frankola


Ivica Ivčević, Neven Petrović

Graphic design:

Danijel Žeželj


Tena Bošnjaković


Ivana Sansević


40 minutes


24 October 2020, Kulturni dom Gorica, VISAVÌ Gorizia Dance Festival


Umjetnička organizacija 21:21


Pan – Adria network (Zavod EN-KNAP, SNG Nova Gorica, Moment, Hrvatski kulturni dom na Sušaku, Zagrebački plesni center, Mediteranski plesni center, Artisti Associati)