How is it there? There … on the other side of the line drawn by reason and imagination. How does one behave there? What is the etiquette? What are the rules and laws of the movement? Do people know how to hover there? Do spiders know how to sing? How loud do trees grow? How much do pears smell? How does a bee choir sound? Do they know about candy, shops, cars, crowds and traffic jams? How often does the bus drive? Where does it even go? Where does it turn? Does it ever come back? How… How difficult is it to get there?

The human-like doll is created as a figment of the writer’s imagination. He begins to get to know the world around him, which changes according to his actions. In doing so, it greatly violates the laws that apply in the real world. He hovers with a parachute dandelion lantern, wanders below the water surface, rides a seahorse. But all the time, he’s looking for company. Someone or something so he will not be alone. He’s getting desperate. He waits for the bus and crosses. There he finds out what or whom he was looking for.

discovering the world
the other side

Awards and festivals

  • award for the most innovative performance at the Visions Festival, 2007
  • award for the best performance at the 2nd International Theater Festival Laktaši (BIH), 2007
  • award for the best performance of the evening at the Asinus Aureus Adult Puppet Festival 2007
Zoran Petrovič
Zoran Petrovič, Uroš Kaurin, Marko Petrovič, Tina Bizjak, Luka Treiber, Matevž Dobaj, Matic Ketiš, Andrej Vršič and Maruša Majer
Lighting design:
Zoran Petrovič in Uroš Kaurin
Technical support:
Anja Nosan and Sabina Bračič
30 minutes
18 May 2007, Prvi oder Prve gimnazije Maribor