Indefinite Frequency

I N D E F I N I T E   F R E Q U E N C Y  is a dynamic and immersive dance-concert, performed by three dancers and four percussionists. The audience is invited to traverse a journey of ever-changing constellations which sees the trio of dancers navigate a dynamic spectrum of movement qualities and states. The work is evolved from our interest in the role of memory in the present moment and revolves around the ripple effect that even seemingly minor experiences have on our identities. Music, movement and light combine to build a rich tapestry of texture, space, time and architecture. Questions of quantum mechanics, polarities and duality charge the work as the dancing body becomes a conduit to realise and actualise the usually impalpable aspects the make us who we are. The work considers the infinite web of connections and constellations that exist between us as the performers embody and illustrate the polarities of play and power. Drums and dance have been linked throughout human history. The work utilises musical compositions that exude ritual pulse and rich sonority, scaffolding the piece with atmospheric charge.

Charlie Brittain (UK) is a choreographer, performer, rehearsal director and teacher working internationally across a range of artistic environments and ventures. Charlie completed the professional training programme at S.E.A.D (AT), having graduated with distinction from Tring Park School for the Performing Arts (UK) and the London Contemporary Dance School CAT scheme. His independent choreographic work is performed internationally and he is regularly commissioned by companies, festivals and projects in the U.K. and abroad. In addition to his freelance portfolio he is Associate Creative Director of the National Youth Ballet of Great Britain, Associate Artist at English National Ballet and Rehearsal Director for Richard Chappell Dance.

Milan Tomášik (SK/SLO) ) is a choreographer, performer and teacher dedicated to teaching, creating and performing. His training includes the Conservatory J. L. Bellu (SK), the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava (SK) and P.A.R.T.S (BE). Milan has performed professionally for twenty years, collaborating with artists across Europe. He is co-founder of the Les SlovaKs dance collective with whom he created and performed critically-acclaimed works internationally. His choreographic experience includes commissioned work for companies, theatres and schools, solo productions and a trilogy for his own company, Milan Tomášik & Co.

Endi Schrotter is one of the male contemporary dancers of a new millennial generation. He started his dance education in 2011 in ‘Ana Maletic’ high school for contemporary dance. He continued his education at the Academy of dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, where he got his contemporary dancer’s bachelor’s degree. Throughout his college education he perfected his performance in contemporary dance in the classes of Frey Faust, Milan Tomašik, Guy Nader, Matej Kejžar, Foriner Oritz, Magdalena Reiter, Petra Hrašćanec, Lurelin Richards and many others.

Slovenian Percussion Project, also known as SToP, is a percussion ensemble made up of academically educated musicians which was founded in 1999. The unique ensemble consists of established percussionists from different parts of Slovenia and they have played on numerous stages in Slovenia and abroad. SToP has recently become involved in other musical and non-musical art genres, thus discovering synergy in other art fields and (consciously) shifting from performing a strictly classical percussion programme. The ensemble won the Župančič Award in 2013 and the Prešeren Fund Award in 2014.

dance concert


Past performances

27. october 2021 / Španski borci, Ljubljana
11. september 2021 / Zagreb Dance Center
29. october 2021 / Croatian Cultural Center, Rijeka
30. october 2021 / Amfitheatre of II. gimnazija Secondarz School Maribor
31. october 2021 / Giuseppe City Theatre, Gorizia
14. december 2021 / Slovenen National Theatre Nova Gorica

Charlie Brittain and Milan Tomášik

Performed by:

Charlie Brittain (UK), Endi Schrotter (HR) and Milan Tomášik (SK/SLO)


Franci Krevh: MOZAIKI 1
Franci Krevh: MOZAIKI 2

Performed by:

Slovenski tolkalni projekt: Matevž Bajde, Tomaž Lojen, Franci Krevh and Luka Jahn (k.g.)


Danijela Valentić Sever

Lighting Design:

Charlie Brittain, Milan Tomášik and Aljaž Zaletel

Technical Direction:

Aljaž Zaletel

Production Manager:

Milan Tomášik


Neven Petrović


Slovenski tolkalni projekt Association in KUD Cortesia


Pan-Adria Network: EN-KNAP, Croatian Cultural Centre Rijeka, Moment, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, Zagreb Dance Center, a.ArtistiAssociati Soc. Coop., Zagreb Dance Company

Co-funded by:

City Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia


11 September 2021, Zagreb Dance Center