Long live the vulva!

Table musical based on the motifs of Liv Strömquist

Despite millennia of obsessive engagement with the female sexual organ, the question arises as to how much we actually know about it. Long Live the Vulva! speaks mischievously and humorously about extremely serious and important topics. In the play, we solemnly proclaim the scale of deserving oppressors of female sexuality, decipher the centuries-old mysterious disappearance of the clitoris, and repeat the word vagina until it no longer feels like a taboo, but like an expression of freedom.

Female sexuality has occupied the (male) imagination since the beginnings of humanity. Every major socio-political change had as its mission to redefine the position of women: from the worship of fertility goddesses, expulsions from paradise, witch trials, clitoridectomies and other forms of treatment of female sexual desire to the objectification of the female body in capitalist today.

The graphic novel The Fruit of Knowledge by Swedish comic book artist Liv Strömquist, translated by Mita Gustinčič Pahor and published by Vige Vage knjige, is a socially critical, political, feminist and humorous visual study of the perception of sexual organs and female sexuality over time. The author (with quoting sources) reviews the basic historical, sociological and medical theories that still influence the position of women and girls today; both at the individual and collective level. The creators of the performance Long Live the Vulva! saw inspiring stage material in the novel. The seemingly light-hearted, sarcastic way of comic narration offered an interesting starting point for thinking about an appropriate genre framework and theatrical language that could be both parodic and activist. Silenced matriarchal societies, gender as a social construct, pathologized and oppressed (female) lust, female (in)equality, the impact of the social narrative of sexuality on female identity are just some of the topics highlighted by the performance. Long Live the Vulva! thus speaks of the silenced, celebrates the despised, and opens a public space for reflection on the most intimate issues.


Awards and festivals

  • nagrada za žlahtnega režiserja Primožu Ekartu na 29. festivalu Dnevi komedije, 2021


Past performances

27. august 2021 / Intimate stage GT22
28. august 2021 / Intimate stage GT22
22. april 2022 / Intimate stage GT22
23. april 2022 / Intimate stage GT22

Primož Ekart


Barbara Kranjc Avdić, Maja Kunšič, Zala Ana Štiglic, Iva Lazar


Ana Duša

Original songs:

Davor Herceg

Rehearsal coach:

Ana Duša, Davor Herceg


Simona Hamer

Language editor:

Maja Cerar


Gordana Bobojević (obleke Bobo)

Stage design:

Primož Ekart

Light design:

Janko Oven

Technical support:

Matej Primec


Matej Povše


50 minut


Zavod Imaginarni


Mini teater, Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana