Mirka, Živka and Dadakice

Mirka, Živko and Dadakice is a story about George and Emil watching ducks. They try to take off, leave, escape and leave their (Yugoslav) roots. In a furious rhythm, the actresses jump between different characters or Yugoslav languages, coloured by local dialects, and at the same time, in Beckett’s interaction of dialogue, sound and movement, they try to show the flow of alienation and connection. In the meantime, they strike at snobbery and elitism in the artistic spheres and pour in some current messages about ecology and philosophy of life, which resonate with the audience long after the curtain has fallen.

The play is dedicated to the American writer of theater and film scripts David Mamet and his work Variations on the Theme of Wild Ducks. It emphasises respect for nature, coexistence with animals and plants, individualism through the prism of collectivism. He points the finger at the problem of interpersonal relationships, ecology, and awareness.


Awards and festivals

  • Grand Prix award at the Golden Lion Festival 2012, Umag, Croatia
Directors, performers and costume designers:
Mirjana Šajinović and Aleksandra Blagojević
Lighting designer:
David Orešič
50 minutes
15 April 2010, SNG Maribor
Moment and SNG Maribor