On the Right Track

“One thing is what things look like. Another is what they are really like. In fact things are what they look like.”

In one hour Grega and Vito “execute” their supporting vocal job professionally from beginning to end, although there is nobody left to be accompanied. The program: Time is on my side, Respect, Freedom, Children of the revolution, Power to the people, I feel free, Nothing will stop us now, and more …

Actually, this is the absurd situation we are currently living in, a situation in which the political system only keeps up the appearances of there being phantom opportunities of some kind, of phantom possibilities, phantom freedom, etc. In fact, there is no longer anyone who could fill this empty shell of “democratic values” and “free society” with any kind meaning. In a democratic society, any possibility of meaning is also democratically abolished. But still we would like to believe that there exists some hidden backstage in which decisions take place; and exactly because of that, we, “citizens of the free world”, also generate this logic by ourselves. We still believe that we live in a world of opportunities. But there is no backstage anymore, there is no longer anyone who would take on the risk of decision-making. Politics as an art of decision-making no longer exists. There is only the spectacle of a void.

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Concived and devised:
Grega Zorc, Vito Weis, Bojan Jablanovec
Grega Zorc in Vito Weis
Concept, direction and text:
Bojan Jablanovec
Mateja Benedetti
Stage and light design:
Igor Remeta
Sound design:
Tomaž Grom
Špela Trošt
25 June 2013, The Old Power Station, Elektro Ljubljana
50 min
Via Negativa
Financial pupport:
Ministrstva za kulturo RS in MO Ljubljana