The experimentally designed miniature combines two seemingly incompatible techniques on stage – puppets and film. In the puppet performance Rob, where a wooden table becomes a stage, a film story is created live, in front of the audience. A story, in which acting and animation are intertwined with miniature figurines, and in which interaction with puppets and their animators take the story to a new dimension.

Jim’s birthday. Gift: camera. It is wonderful and enchanting. It promises immortality. It preserves what would otherwise dissipate. It takes you, it shapes you, it crushes you. In your search for the ideal, you forget the world. The picture and you … more and more one. What you see takes over. The illusion lives on. If only there was no edge … Slapped in the face. From who? Why? The edge of the frame in which you live. Realization, overlook, the moment that challenges you to choose. To live or be paralyzed again, to face the CONTRAST between quality and stillness … Just another picture of your life? Or a BLOW to many realities? As much as you can take …

miniature show
puppets and film
Tin Grabnar
Visual image:
Nina Šulin
Miha Arh, Anita Gregorec, Andrej Vršič
Lighting design:
David Orešič
Iztok Drabik Jug
Executive producer:
Polonca Podgoršek
50 minutes
5 October, 2013
Hiša! društvo za ljudi in prostore, Moment, MKC Maribor, GlejbTheatre, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Hostel Pekarna, Kooperativa PERON z.o.o.