The performance is inspired by book ‘Parasite’ by French philosopher Michel Serres and his thesis that the only possible relation is that of parasitic nature. Parasite. The one who eats from the table of the other, who exploits, uses, abuses, occupies, devastates. Who hooks up, breaks in, hangs on, bite into. The one, who is giving nothing in return, has nothing to offer, doesn’t create anything, doesn’t share anything, doesn’t support anybody, and never sacrifices for anyone.

We live in times of brutal celebration of power, time of loans, debts, frauds, subordination, manipulation and mutual dependency. It’s hard to detect parasite, we point the finger at each other, we accuse intruders, defend our integrity, we constantly bite and apologize each other … What if there is no other real relation except one-way relation, what if parasitism is the very basis and even a condition for any relation to take place?

For Serres, parasitism is the central ‘fact’ of existence for any living being. Parasitic relation is a form of inseparable and undemocratic coexistence, mutual entanglement creates closed loop, each move becomes an element of infinite chain of intentions and reactions. Parasitism is a surviving strategy. Parasite refuse violence, it lives in harmony as long as the host stays alive and can be consumed. Parasitic freedom is immovability, hibernation, total subordination. Parasite is free as long its host (partner, family, city, country, continent, earth …) can move and breath.

Michel Serres
natural relationship
Idea for the project by:
Anita Wach
Concieved and devised by:
Anita Wach and Grega Zorc
Performing concept and artistic direction:
Bojan Jablanovec
Andrej Fon
Performed by:
Anita Wach, Grega Zorc, Andrej Fon
Via Negativa in zavod Sploh
Body/Mind Festival, Warszaw
Špela Trošt
Public relations:
Sara Horžen
Martina Dervarič
Financial support:
the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City Municipality of Ljubljana