Stranger Than Paradise

A few years ago, the primarily visual artist Mark Požlep set off to a seemingly strange tour: a musical tour of retirement homes throughout ex-Yugoslavia. At the homes, he sang golden oldies from the fifties and sixties to the retirees.

Mark has already presented this tour in a gallery setting, for which he recieved the OHO award in 2016. Now, we will be able to see the theatrical rendition at Glej theatre.

Stranger than paradise in Glej theatre is a documentary performance, something between a concert, a travelogue and a gathering of friends. The show touches upon the topics of aging, common and individual fates, the rebuilding of demolished relationships and torn communities. It speaks of a generation that had spent all their lives in a common country, and of one that barely remembers it from their youth. It speaks about man and his great desire for change, his unbelievable capacity to build and destroy. About Mark and about us all.

the elderly
Mark Požlep, Igor Feketija
Mark Požlep
Dramaturgy and videography:
Jure Novak
Set design:
Meta Grgurevič
Costume design:
Dajana Ljubičić
Light design and technical oversight:
Grega Mohorčič
Executive producer and photographer:
Barbara Poček
Gledališče Glej