The Master and Margarita: Session Bulgakov

A play brimming with dramatic expression, poetic impression, playfulness and flirtatiousness with the ironic criticism of the world, opening different possibilities for interpretation. We can discover the sense either in the carnality of the matter, which comes to life in front of us in the form of object theatre, or in the music dramaturgy of the piece, at times remarkably concert-like. We can either recognise ourselves in the performance as a charge in a social sanatorium or we can simply give in to the current of associations in the session, filled with clever turns. Because: “The devil knows what this all is!”

Matija Solce
object theatre
The Master and Margarita
Director and author of adaptation:
Matija Solce
Set design:
Tomáš Žižka
Tjaša Bertoncelj, Benjamin Zajc
Brane Solce
Lighting designer:
Kristjan Vidner
Gregor Gobec
Gašper Malnar, Miha Arh, Filip Šebšajevič
60 minutes
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre