Via Mama

„Great art inevitably co-creates space for its own parody.”
Mare Bulc (from the text of the never performed play by Via Negativa)

Fifteen years after The Last Egotistical Performance and five years after The First Altruistic Performance, director Mare Bulc returns to the stage for his third original project, Via Mama. Just as his first solo was not really egoistic and the second not altruistic, the third one is only partially tied to the initial connection between the theatre group Via Negativa and the author. After being invited to use old texts to create a piece for Via Negativa’s 20th anniversary, Bulc soon discovered that the material led him (once again) into self-referential waters. In a performance that he describes as a stand-up, Bulc grapples with his primary (theatrical and familial) socialization.

Marko “Mare” Bulc (1974) is an award-winning theatre director and performer. He was the programme director of the Glej Theatre and is currently the artistic director of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

stand up
Text, direction, scenography, costume, music selection, performance:

Mare Bulc

Songs used in performance:

Res Nullius, Abba, Leb i sol, Queen, Jani Kovačič, Danzig, Ančica Koprek, Oto Pesner, Nace Junkar

Light designer and technical director:

Igor Remeta

Sound technician:

Vid Starman

Technical crew:

Manca Vukelič, Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Pušica

Executive producer and public relations:

Sara Horžen


Špela Trošt


80 min


November 12th 2022 / Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana


Via Negativa

In collaboration with Zavod Bunker

Financial support:

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and City of Ljubljana